Hexagon - 15cm x 0.3cm

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Hexagon - 15cm x 0.3cm
£2.54  - Pack of 3

A basic Hexagon shape sold in packs of 3 with an approximate size of 15cm x 0.3cm.

Please note all our hexagons are measured from one point to the opposite point.

All our wooden shapes are made from the highest quality birch plywood, light in colour and extra-fine sanded for a smooth finish on both sides.

Our Hexagon shapes can be used in a wide variety of craft projects. They are great for decoupage, painting, varnishing, staining and writing on. Unlike MDF our birch plywood Hexagon are also perfect for pyrography and will yield amazing results.

Once decorated with your own personal touch or even left natural these Hexagon shapes are perfect for sign making, hanging decorations, magnets, bunting, coasters, plus many more craft ideas only limited by the imagination.