Bulk Savings - Starting From Just 5 Items

Discounts For All Products Except Letters Below 100mm Tall

Our multi buy discounts apply to every product, even those on special offer.
Excluding individual letters below 100mm tall (see below).

All discounts are applied based on the total number of items in the cart not just total of a single product.

All products except individual letters below 100mm tall have the following discounts:-

Quantity Discount applied to all products
(except individual letters below 100mm)
1-4 0%
5-9 5%
10-14 10%
15-19 15%
20+ 20%

Example: if you add 3 of product A and 2 of product B to your cart you will get the 5% discount on BOTH products as the cart has a total of 5 items.

Letters Below 100mm Tall

For all individual letter under 100mm tall the discounts are applied slightly different and do not count towards the discount of other products in the cart. Individual letters in different fonts do count towards each others discount though.

See the table below for the discounts applied to individual letters under 100mm tall:-

Quantity  Discount applied to individual letters below 100mm
1-9 0%
10-19 5%
20-29 10%
30-39 15%
40+ 20%

Example: if you add 10 individual letters under 100mm from font type A and 10 individual letters under 100mm from font type B to your cart BOTH items would get a 10% discount.