Wood Types

Plywood or MDF, which is best for your project..?

All our shapes are currently available in both 4mm thick MDF and 4mm thick Birch-Faced Poplar Plywood. Obviously each wood has its advantages and disadvantages, which we have listed below.

All our MDF shapes are made from Medite brand MDF so you can be assured you are getting the best quality MDF available.

MDF: Advantages

  • Is cheaper than plywood.
  • Has a very consistent look.
  • Is easy to cut with a saw.
  • Is less prone to warping

MDF: Disadvantages

  • Can soak up water like a sponge.
  • Because it consists of fine particles, MDF doesn’t hold screws very well.
  • Is much heavier in comparison to plywood of the same size.
  • Cannot be stained.
  • Cannot be used for pyrography.

Plywood: Advantages

  • Made from multiple layers plywood is stronger compared to MDF of the same thickness.
  • It won’t soak up water and liquids as quickly as MDF.
  • Can be stained and looks really nice.
  • Can be used for pyrography with beautiful results.
  • Plywood holds screws very well.

Plywood: Disadvantages

  • More expensive than MDF.
  • Harder to cut with a saw than MDF.
  • Is slightly more prone to warping at larger sizes.