Halloween Sign (Style A) 45cm x 32.8cm

Halloween Sign (Style A) 45cm x 32.8cm

In todays post I am going to show how I made the Halloween sign (Style A).

The first thing I do is grab myself a coffee, after all it is 7am!

Once the coffee is done it's time to sit down and open up my editing programs. I open up and collect any drawings, images or doodles I have done for my current project.

Then I set about creating a CAD drawing for the laser cutter. I have to make sure all lines and curves and joined or it will fail to cut properly.

The final results of this project can be seen below.

As you can see, this project was not like any other, this one required not 1, not even 2, but 3 distinct drawings. Yes, I am attempting my first ever multi layered craft project.

Due to the fine detail in this item, such as the cats whiskers, it means we cannot go very small. In fact it needs to be one of the largest items I do. So I set it to 45cm wide.

Its time to do the test cut!

Not bad, it all seems to have cut as expected.

To create the sign, I needed to place each of the layers on top of each other.

We have the base layer.

Followed by the middle layer.

Then it all gets topped off with a 3rd layer.

I did a test and laid them all out and it seems to have fit perfectly, success!

Now I have to paint them up. I used Liquitex acrylic spray paints to paint each layer. Yellow for the base, black for the middle layer and a nice Halloween orange for the top layer.

All that was left now was to grab myself some PVA glue and stick the layers together to finish my first ever attempt at a multi layered sign project.

If I am being completely honest, it turned out looking far better than I had ever expected. To date this is most definitely the most impressive item I have personally made.

I know my customers are way more crafty than me and will most definitely be able to make even better creations. Wait, I just thought, what if I used glitter paint..? I may have to make more of these!



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